Real estate marketing ideas can be challenging. You're in an industry that can be extremely lucrative but this means it's highly competitive.

Your marketing has to make you stand out from the pack. But, in 2022, what are the best ways to get your business out there in front of your prospective buyers and sellers? We tell all.

Make sure you start with the basics such as an account on a social media platform, a real estate website and a Google My Business listing then check out our ideas for your real estate marketing strategy.

First things first

You've got to know your USP (unique selling proposition) and your ideal customer persona before attempting anything new with your real estate marketing. This helps you to be more targeted in your campaigns and will let you understand what your clients would want to see, and where they'll be (i.e. on a social media platform or at a networking event).

When considering your USP, you need to know what you're offering is different to the other real estate agents out there. Consider things like:

  • You sell homes to families on a budget
  • You help home buyers find their dream home in less than 3-months (guaranteed)
  • You specialise in virtual tours
  • You prioritise real estate investors who want to see a huge return
  • You work with commercial real estate for large corporations

'Niching down' is key to standing out in the real estate industry. All real estate professionals can say that they have top property listings and a dynamic real estate business but what are you going to offer potential clients that's specific to their needs? Putting your USP front and centre of a real estate marketing campaign is what's going to help you cut through the noise.

Real estate agents also need to know exactly who they're speaking to in their marketing strategy. Who is your customer persona? Think about things like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle (kids or no kids, for example)

So, if you know a lot about your target audience and you can offer them something unique, it's time to figure out which real estate marketing strategies will work best.

Let's look at the top real estate marketing ideas.

"Marketing is a lifestyle, not a diet"

1) Build a blog

Many real estate agents struggle to find the time to focus on content execution but a content plan for the year, with timely marketing efforts, can be a great way to show yourself as a market expert.

A regular blog can provide engaging and informative information to prospective buyers and show you know what you're talking about. If you implement an SEO focus such as on specific keywords, it can also help you to climb the search engines.

As a form of marketing, a blog can work very well. You can prioritise ToF (Top of Funnel) blog posts such as 'what to look for when looking around a potential home' - readers of this article will be more likely to buy those who are ready to buy, rather than those who aren't even considering purchasing a property. This means you can be targeting qualified leads rather than just creating content for the fun of it.

Remember to include a call-to-action in your content and links to your other blog posts and website, too.

2) Use social media marketing

For each real estate business, this might look different - for example, some might prefer using Facebook whilst others prefer Instagram or TikTok for video marketing.

Meme of a person falling over with the caption, "social media managers scrambling to create another story strategy"
It doesn't need to be too complex, just make sure you're creating something your followers would want to see!

Providing engaging content in the form of videos/reels/live stories and images can prove very effective. You can grow your audience and promote your real estate business simply by following the latest trends or showing off virtual home tours on your social media platforms.

If you have some amazing properties, why not display them through paid social ads or through organic content - people love to look at properties even if they're not ready to buy or rent yet.

Social media platforms are a great way to build brand awareness and generate real estate leads.

3) Email marketing campaigns

Sending out monthly newsletters, promotions or the latest property listings is a great way to drive engagement to your contact list.

It can be more targeted, ensuring that those you're emailing have signed up for this form of marketing - if they have, then it might mean they're ready to use your real estate business. It's just about enticing them with quality content every few weeks.

4) Listing on real estate platforms

This might feel like a no-brainer but making sure you're listing properties and your credentials on all relevant platforms like Zillow, or is an effective way to generate leads.

People coming to these platforms might be browsing but others will be intent on buying or selling, so make sure you make your profile stand out and even sign up for the referral program to increase your lead generation.

Real estate marketing tools

To supercharge your real estate marketing strategies, you can use tools like BombBomb or Cloulty.

Video marketing tools like BombBomb can help you to engage your email list more - viewers have a higher retention rate at watching videos, rather than text exchanges, and it's more personable and human.

Reputation management software can also boost your credibility as a real estate agent and help you land in the Map-Pack on Google. More about this here.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our guide on real estate marketing ideas for 2022 - be sure to check out our other real estate marketing guides here.

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