Google reviews are a powerful tool for businesses. They improve your SEO performance and can increase traffic to your website.

We all know Google as a powerful search engine and it's become a prominent review site. Today, we don't just have to let our reviews pop up on Google Maps (or any kind of map site), we can let them shine on our websites, too!

When you embed Google reviews on your website, potential customers are able to verify customer satisfaction, which, in turn, can help build:

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Reputation

You effectively want to charm your website visitors with tangible evidence of your good service or product.

Making online purchases from a new company can make users sceptical which is why embedding Google reviews can generate brand trust, even for a new customer. You can have product-specific reviews or just general praise. The choice is yours.

It's good to integrate your positive reviews onto your business website by embedding them. It looks seamless and shows the Google logo which means it's a trusted source. And, displaying Google reviews is one of the best parts of running a successful business, it not only encourages new customers to trust you, but it gives you a bit of an ego boost.

Social proof shows off your brand's desirability; it's positive exposure for other customers to trust your brand, even if they've never experienced it first-hand before.

There are a few different ways to embed Google reviews on your website. We will take you through a step by step process on how to add positive Google reviews and integrate reviews in three different methods.

Now, let's show off those valuable reviews.

1) How to embed Google reviews using a plugin

There are various website building platforms (CMS like Wordpress or Shopify) and therefore a few different ways of embedding reviews. In some CMS, using a plugin is a simple way to embed Google reviews. You can showcase your reviews on any post or page you choose.

You can decide to embed Google reviews with a widget using the Google Reviews plugin. A widget is more like a pop up so it won't necessarily interfere with the design of your website.

Plugins are easy to use and pack a pint-sized punch with features like:

  • A picture of the person who wrote the review (you can prove that you have real-life, existing customers)
  • Their name
  • The date - no one will trust a review from 3-years ago so make sure they're up to date!
  • Rating

Keep the reviews coming, too - don't settle for one or two entries. If you want to learn how to get more Google reviews, then read our guide here.

Once you have installed and activated a review widget plugin, you'll be able to see your Google reviews widget on the sidebar, at the footer of your website, or any other place you want. The widget editor page also lets you customise it.

To get started:

  • Go to your WordPress (or Shopify etc) dashboard and head to the plugins section
  • Search for a Google reviews widget then Install and activate
  • Access the plugin's setting and choose Connect Google platform
  • Visit the Google map document and search for your Google place ID Finder by searching your business name in the address bar.
  • Copy and paste the ID on the plugin - confirm it’s your business
  • Select the style and layout on the widget editor then Save!

You’ll see a generated code for you to paste on your site.

Too complicated?

Try Cloutly instead. As a reviews platform, you can connect your Google location to a widget in literally one click (rather than digging through all that extra stuff). And not only Google, but Facebook and over 40+ other review sites, all in one place.

It's the simplest way to turn browsers into buyers.

Cloutly's review widgets let you showcase ALL your reviews
Cloutly's review widgets let you showcase ALL your reviews

How to embed Google reviews using shortcode from Google My Business

Displaying Google reviews by embedding Google reviews is straightforward but, if you don't want to use a plugin, there's another way to embed your reviews.

You can use a shortcode from your Google My Business page. This is a simple code that you can use to add Google reviews to your post or pages. It will display Google reviews on specific posts or pages you choose.

To embed Google reviews on your website using this method, you'll need to first get the code from Google. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Log in to your Google account with your business listing
  2. Visit your Google My Business page
  3. On the lower-left corner of the review, click the Share icon then Options
  4. Select Embed Post
  5. Copy the code and open the review page on your website
  6. Paste where you would like to display Google reviews on your site - and you’re done!

How to embed Google reviews using JavaScript code

If you want more control over how you display Google reviews on your website, you can use JavaScript to embed them. This method gives you the ability to style the reviews to match the look and feel of your website.

It also allows you to choose which reviews are shown and how many are shown. And the good part of using JavaScript is that it will update all reviews automatically as they come in. You can also use this method with any website building platform.

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. If you're using WordPress, consider creating a new child theme to avoid damaging the functionality of your site (in case you make mistakes while editing your site's code).
  2. You will need access to your Google Places ID and an API key. You also need a Google Places script. You can use this JavaScript API documentation to learn how to get the script.
  3. Next, go to your WordPress website dashboard (if your platform is WordPress) with your business account, choose Appearance then Theme Editor and select a file called header.php:
  4. Paste the below script code into your file:
<script src=""></script>
<script src="/js/google-places.js "></script>
<script src="[(API_KEY)]"></script>

Where the script says [API_KEY], type in your Google Places API.

Next, add this function from Gitlab to the file:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
placeId: '[PLACES_ID]',
render: ['reviews'],
min_rating: 5,
max_rows: 0

Visit the page or post on which you want to embed Google reviews and change to the code editor. Paste the code below where the reviews should appear.

<div id="google-reviews"></div>

Save changes to display Google reviews. Your website should be ready to show them.

What’s great is when the reviews are on your website, you can choose which ones to display. This is where it trumps Google Maps where ALL of your reviews are shown. But, when it’s your site you can choose a minimum rating to display.

Embedding Google reviews doesn't need to be difficult

You might be looking at the options above and thinking "Why does it have to be so hard?!"

You're not alone!

Adding Google reviews doesn't need to be complicated. That's why we built Cloutly, so that you can embed your Google reviews in virtually one click. No matter your CMS, you want to show off your social proof in a way that doesn't involve you screenshotting all of your positive testimonials.

It's about building trust with those reading reviews on your website.

Use Cloutly to get reviews, respond to them and showcase them (all in one!)
Use Cloutly to get reviews, respond to them and showcase them (all in one!)

A powerful way to build trust and credibility with potential customers is to embed Google reviews. Let your happy customers do the selling for you! Knowing how to link to a Google review on your site is just one part of your review management strategy. Make sure you're all over your review process with a tool like Cloutly; see those 5-star reviews roll in and showcase them all in the one place.

Try Cloutly free today to start generating 5-star Google reviews, and then embed them on your site in one simple step.