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Ditch impersonal “please leave a review” emails for personal video messages

ReviewTrackers emails don’t stand out in your customers’ inboxes. Cloutly lets you segment your customers and send them human video messages they connect with, earning you more 5-star reviews.

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BOY Barbershop went from 62 reviews in 12 months to 431 reviews in 8 monthsSwimart went from 64 reviews in 1 month to 442 in one monthDebtfix went from 1 review per month to 61 reviews in one month

"Cloutly has been amazing in their ability to come to the party in the customization we required to suit our network of franchises."

Cameron Morton
Digital Marketing Manager, Home Instead

Canned emails save time, but they don’t get you more reviews

ReviewTrackers does many things well, but it’s not built to get more customers opening your emails and leaving reviews.

Customers’ inboxes are flooded and generic messages don’t stand out.

Sending 1000s of generic emails doesn’t equate to 1000s of reviews
You can’t send personalized messages to customers you can’t segment
No reminders or generic follow up options can cost your business many 5-star reviews
Reviewtrackers competitor that lets you personalize review invites

ReviewTrackers users regret not choosing a personal approach

“I've used ReviewTrackers for over 6 months now and have had little luck getting my clients to leave reviews for my business.”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on G2

“The email content and subject can't be customized to increase the chances of the client actually opening the email and then leaving a review.”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on Capterra

“It would be great if the review request emails could be personalized.”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on G2

“The review request tools need a lot of work.”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on G2

“Would love to have individual auto-replies for each restaurant as opposed to an all encompassing one.”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on Capterra

“No way to customize amplify widgets or review generation emails”

Verified ReviewTrackers review on Capterra

Transform unopened emails into raving reviews

Use Cloutly to segment your users and send them personalized video messages. Create campaigns that people connect with and drive more positive reviews.


Use video to go from crickets to 5-stars

Every video is an opportunity to create a relationship with your customer, instead of cold, unanswered transactions.

Create review campaigns, build your reputation and win more customersrespond to reviews


Keep it personal even as you grow

Find the customers that love you and those who need extra care. Reward your loyal advocates and manage customer frustration in one place.


Get reviews even if you can't email your customers

Connect review pages to QR codes to send on-site customers to your review sites before they leave (and you can’t contact them again).

ReviewTrackers vs Cloutly

Cloutly knows canned messages don’t generate more reviews

Email customization
Video campaigns
Customer segmentation
Customize subject line, email and SMS body, review sites you link to and your CTA
Follow ups
Template for replies
Add a human touch to your emails, see reviews explode
Unbelievably, no
Not supported
Send different messages to different customers
Not supported
Not supported
Send up to 3 customizable follow ups to clients who haven’t left a review yet
Quick response ideas to save you time and energy

Switch from ReviewTrackers without losing a beat

Add all your Google My Business locations to Cloutly using the multi-location Google connector. Have online reviews you need to migrate? Our team will add them to your Cloutly account.

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"Cloutly is an excellent and simple to use review management platform. It's now really easy to automate collecting customer feedback across multiple platforms"

Matthew Clarkson

ReviewTrackers vs Cloutly

Unlock more reviews with personal video messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

ReviewTrackers vs Cloutly

How do I know which message is going to make my users leave a review?

With Cloutly’s built-in reviews CRM and customized messaging, you know which customers have left a review and those who haven’t, enabling you to customize a message for each phase of the customer journey.

How much time does it take to manage reviews with Cloutly?

Cloutly is a one-stop shop online reputation management software. It integrates with 40+ review platforms. You can see all your verified user reviews coming in in one place and use quick response templates to reply in a fraction of the time it takes to log in to multiple platforms and add manual responses.

How long does it take to get started with Cloutly?

You can add all your locations to Cloutly in one click with the multi-location Google connector. See how easy it is with our 14-day free trial and start to generate online reviews straight away. No credit card required to sign up and no commitments or contracts.

How does Cloutly work?

Cloutly is review management software that helps businesses to easily collect user reviews and gather valuable customer feedback. It also helps businesses manage their reputation through the same platform, making responding to online reviews simple and easy.

What’s included in my free trial?

Your 14-day free trial gives you access to Growth plan features, so you can connect your review sites, add your contacts, send some campaigns and create as many widgets as your heart desires. It’s a great chance to get familiar with the platform and see if it’s a good fit for your business needs. We’ll be on hand to help you out at any time, too!

Can I use Cloutly if I have multiple business locations?

Absolutely! Cloutly helps businesses manage reviews across many platforms, including local Google business locations. This makes Cloutly a great reviews management solution for multi location businesses. And as you get more positive feedback through Google, you’ll start to generate web traffic to your business. 

We also think our pricing for multiple locations offers great value for money. Start your 14-day free trial today and give us a try.

Why do I need review management software like Cloutly?

Consumers turn to review sites to help them make well informed purchase decisions, but with so many sites out there, it can be hard to keep on top of your reviews - and even harder to know where and how to direct people to leave you customer reviews. Cloutly helps you to gather customer reviews across multiple sources through personalized campaigns and even lets you conduct review monitoring so you can reply to feedback.