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Schema Markup Generator

Create and validate your own structured data markup. This simple schema generator helps you build rich snippets (JSON-LD) that search engines like Google LOVE, including reviews, ratings, FAQs, local business markup and more.

Once you've added your variables and generated your schema below, you can test it with Google's Rich Results Test directly from this page. Then, simply copy your markup and add it to your website help search engines better display your page in search results.
What is schema markup?

Schema markup is code that you can add to your website. It helps search engines better understand the kind of information displayed on your website. This includes data like aggregate product and customer reviews, hotel availability, FAQs and more, which search engines can then pass along to users in search results as rich snippets (which you've probably heard of). When you generate schema for your site, you're effectively helping search engines display rich snippets on your listings.

How do I create review schema markup?

Use our free schema generator above. By generating review schema markup, you help search engines display reviews and ratings rich snippets in your search results. It's an extremely powerful feature that can help increase click-thrus on SERPs by upwards of 10%.

What kind of schema markup can I generate?

Using our tool above, you can generate schema markup for a range of content types, including:

Reviews (products and customer reviews)
Local businesses
Breadcrumbs (not the edible kind)

and many more...

There are hundreds of markup types. We're continually adding to our generator's capabilities.

A schema generator tool, not just for SEOs

You don't have to be an SEO wizard to use our schema markup generator. Simply choose the type of markup you want to create, fill in your properties, copy the completed code and then paste it into the HTML of your website. Search engines love sites that contain plentiful markup data, however, you should only markup the content that is visible to people who visit the page (so don't add reviews schema, if those reviews aren't actually on the page).

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