Cloutly is the Podium alternative with a human approach

Choose Cloutly to send video requests that get you more 5-star reviews

Podium only sends text campaigns to ask customers for reviews. Cloutly video messages create a human connection that helps growing businesses get reviews faster and outrank competitors.

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BOY Barbershop went from 62 reviews in 12 months to 431 reviews in 8 monthsSwimart went from 64 reviews in 1 month to 442 in one monthDebtfix went from 1 review per month to 61 reviews in one month

"Cloutly now holds an integral place in our local marketing strategy. The immediate impact reviews have had across our stores, plus the ease with which we can now respond to our customers has been significant."

Nathan Hallahan
National Marketing Manager, Swimart

Podium only gives you one chance to get it right

Podium sends cookie-cutter text message to customers, making your review requests easy to ignore. No personalization and no follow-ups mean fewer chances to score the 5-star reviews that help your business grow.

Podium reviews are not effective

Podium users say they're "not reaching their community" with text-only requests

“The reviews seem to come in spurts and sputters. The amount of reviews is so low, that I'm looking for an alternative product.”

Verified Podium review on G2

“Review links are sometimes difficult for customers to complete, we have gotten a few calls saying they can’t figure out how to leave a review.”

Verified Podium review on G2

"If I sent an invitation to a customer 6 months ago and haven't heard back from them... it'll say I can't send another."

Verified Podium review on G2

“Sometimes people do not see a text or would like to go directly to the link without having to do too much to get there.”

Verified Podium review on G2

“We aren't reaching our community. Something that needs to be improved.”

Verified Podium review on G2

“Podium’s text based system unintentionally encourages busy people to simply text back their review.”

Verified Podium review on G2

Find the right customer at the right time with Cloutly and unlock more 5-star reviews

Send your customers impossible-to-ignore personal videos. Follow up with them (automatically) to win more opens, clicks and stellar reviews.


Earn more reviews from your campaigns

When customers don’t reply to your first message, Cloutly automatically sends up to 3 follow-ups to help you secure more reviews.

send review invitesCreate review campaigns, build your reputation and win more customers


Use video to stand out in your customers' inboxes

Send personalized video messages for different customer segments. Make your review requests irresistible by adding a fun, human touch.

embed google reviews on website


Bring the power of word of mouth to your website

Add social proof to your website with review widgets. Let your happiest customers sweet-talk your website visitors into buying from you.

respond to reviews


Get to know your best customers

Cloutly shows every review you’ve ever received on 40+ review sites. Identify your happiest customers and follow up to drive repeat purchases.


Get reviews even if you can't email your customers

Connect review pages to QR codes to send on-site customers to your review sites before they leave (and you can’t contact them again).

   Everything you need    to win more reviews, without paying for expensive extras

With Podium, you can create invoices, process payments, and video chat with visitors.

None of this is built to get you more reviews. But they sure charge you for it.

With Cloutly, you only pay for features that will boost your reviews, build up your credibility and help you outrank competitors when buyers search for what you sell.

Podium vs Cloutly

Get started for as low as $29 with Cloutly

Add videos to your review requests
Send text and email review requests
Request reviews via QR code in physical locations
Personalize your review requests and rack up reviews
Manage all your reviews from one place
Show your best reviews on your site
Stand out in more than 1 inbox
Get reviews in-store without asking for contact details
Use widgets to showcase your social proof
See reviews from 40+ sites on 1 dashboard

← Or pay for features that won't get you more reviews with Podium

Website chat
Text marketing
Video chat
Text payments
Card reader
Focus on getting more 5-star reviews and nothing else
How else can they justify their prices?

Podium vs Cloutly

Rack up reviews and save $160/mo with Cloutly

Lowest available plan
Lowest available plan
Locked into a 12-month contract
Cancel anytime

At Cloutly, you always speak with a human

We believe in a human approach: for reviews and for customer support.

When you need help:

  • We don’t pass you around between departments — we don't have any :)
  • You always talk to someone who can jump into your account and help
  • We listen. Our customers are the #1 source for ideas to improve Cloutly

"The team at Cloutly are great. They have supported us and our clients at every stage."

Anthony Balsamo
Noize Agency

Switch from Podium without losing a beat

Add all your Google My Business locations to Cloutly using the multi-location Google connector. Have online reviews you need to migrate? Our team will add them to your Cloutly account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podium vs Cloutly

Why is it important to have lots of reviews?

Having many online reviews — and even better, positive ones — show search engines like Google you're a trustworthy business. Credibility helps you rank higher on local search result pages. Once you’re more visible in the search results, you get more customers and your business grows faster.

Does Cloutly protect my business from bad reviews?

You can use Cloutly to respond to both positive and negative feedback. While we can’t stop people writing negative things, our handy templates make responding easy. So you can get in front of any negative feedback and manage your online reputation. Plus, responding quickly to your customers is a great way to boost customer engagement.

Are reviews collected through Cloutly legitimate?

Yes. Cloutly integrates with popular platforms (Google, Facebook, AppStore and Google Play) and 40+ industry-specific review sites (Zillow, G2 and TripAdvisor).

How long does it take to see results?

One of our customers, Swimart, uses Cloutly at 75 retail locations. They saw an increase in online reviews, going from fewer than 60 reviews per month to over 400 per month. In fact, they got more customer feedback in those 30 days than in the previous 12 months combined.

What is Cloutly and how can it help my business?

Cloutly is a customer review platform that helps single and multi location businesses get valuable feedback on their services and products from their customers. Collect feedback through our personalized video campaigns, then respond to that feedback directly within our software. It’s your one-stop-shop for reputation management.