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Growing businesses shouldn’t pay enterprise prices. Cloutly helps up-and-coming companies beat the big players with video requests that break review records without breaking the bank.

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BOY Barbershop went from 62 reviews in 12 months to 431 reviews in 8 monthsSwimart went from 64 reviews in 1 month to 442 in one monthDebtfix went from 1 review per month to 61 reviews in one month

"We have been using Cloutly for 6 months now in our barbershop. Since then we have had a massive surge in positive reviews, pushing us well beyond the ratings of our competitors."

Brook Phillips
BOY Barbershop

Avoid paying a premium for features you'll never use

Birdeye is a great tool with A LOT of features. But A LOT of features come with a big bill. Even if you don’t need or use them all.

You’re looking for the right tool to help you win more reviews for your business, fast.

Instead, you get a jack-of-all-trades at a premium price.

Birdeye competitor

Users feel paying for Birdeye might
"not be worth it"

“The pricing for Birdeye is way too expensive for the features provided.”

Verified Birdeye review on Capterra

“Compare to other services before making your decision, both for price and quality of service.”

Verified Birdeye review on G2

“The software is on the extreme end of being overpriced.”

Verified Birdeye review on Capterra

“Little by little I noticed that features I was paying for were never turned on when my business was live with them.”

Verified Birdeye review on Trustpilot

“It is not at all worth the thousands of dollars paid. Do not recommend.”

Verified Birdeye review on Capterra

“The pricing for Birdeye is a little on the high end. Somebody can accomplish the features that Birdeye provides at much less cost.”

Verified Birdeye review on G2

Cloutly supports growing businesses

Pump up your ratings fast, even if you don’t have enterprise-deep pockets

Build trust, credibility and rankings with video messages that your customers want to open and engage with.


Double your reviews with video campaigns

Customers respond to personal messages. Add videos to your requests and see your positive reviews pile up.

Create review campaigns, build your reputation and win more customersrespond to reviews


Keep in touch with your best customers

Cloutly shows every review you’ve ever received. Identify customers that love you and follow up for repeat purchases.


Get reviews even if you can't email your customers

Connect review pages to QR codes to send on-site customers to your review sites before they leave (and you can’t contact them again).

embed google reviews on website


Persuade website visitors to buy from you

Showcase your best reviews on your website. Let your happiest customers convince your visitors that buying from you is a good idea.

Small businesses  need someone in their corner

New businesses have it tough.

Without reviews, it’s hard to attract new customers. Without customers, it’s impossible to get more reviews.

No matter how new your business is, Cloutly immediately generates reviews and improves your rankings on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or any review site that’s relevant to your industry.

You don't have to pay to get your first reviews

Why would Birdeye hide their prices and force you to book a demo?

With Cloutly, pricing is transparent. No pressured sales calls and no credit card needed to get started.

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"Once you start using Cloutly it will reveal how simple and easy it is to use, well worth the trial for free to test it."

Scott Baker

Birdeye vs Cloutly

Cloutly gives you exactly what you need to get exactly what you want:
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Add videos to your review requests
Request reviews via QR code in physical locations
Show your best reviews on your site
Make requests personal and see your reviews grow
Manage all your reviews from one place
Capture online reviews from customers without asking for their email
Not supported
Not supported
Add social proof to your website with widgets
Not supported
See reviews from 40+ review sites in a single place, using the same login

← Birdeye charges you for features that have no effect on your reviews

Referral Marketing
Focus on getting more 5-star reviews and nothing else
How else can they justify their prices?

Birdeye vs Cloutly

Save at least $320/mo with Cloutly

Lowest available plan
for 1 location
for 1 location

Switch from Birdeye without losing a single review

Have Birdeye reviews you need to migrate? Our team will add them to a Cloutly page that works exactly the same, helping you keep your online reputation intact.

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"Cloutly is an excellent and simple to use review management platform. It's now really easy to automate collecting customer feedback across multiple platforms"

Matthew Clarkson

Frequently Asked Questions

Birdeye vs Cloutly

Do I need reputation management software as a small business?

Small businesses need to collect reviews as much — if not more — than larger businesses. If you’re aiming to compete with the big players in your industry, online reviews are the most effective and quickest way to do it. Cloutly uses video to engage with your customers. The personal, human touch helps you increase positive responses and get customer feedback faster than the rest.

Are Cloutly features enough for getting results?

Absolutely! Cloutly focuses on engaging with your customers in a personal way to help you increase reviews across multiple platforms. You can also use it for review monitoring and to respond to new reviews, boosting your customer engagement.

Cloutly gives you everything you need to manage your online reputation and grow your business through public rankings.

How can Cloutly help me get more customers through my door?

Customers find businesses through Google search, Facebook and other relevant review sites. The way to increase your visibility, your business reputation, and rank in the top results is by having a strong profile with positive ratings. You do this by asking your best customers to leave a review, which Cloutly helps you do.

Is Cloutly as efficient as bigger platforms like Birdeye?

If anything, we’re more efficient. Birdeye has lots of features for bigger business, like surveys, web chat and ticketing. Stuff most businesses don’t need.

Cloutly is a customer review platform that only focuses on features that help you get more positive reviews by identifying your happiest customers and reaching out with a personal message. This means better rankings and lower bills.

What’s included in my trial?

Your 14-day free trial gives you access to Growth plan features, so you can connect your review sites, add your contacts, send some campaigns and create as many widgets as your heart desires. It’s a great chance to get familiar with the platform and see if it’s a good fit for your business. We’ll be on hand to help you out at any time, too!

What happens if I get a negative review?

Cloutly includes review management software within the platform to make for easy review monitoring. You can easily respond to customer feedback (no matter what site they left it on) and get in front of the issue without ever having to leave the platform.