Marketing for chiropractic (your 6-step success manual)

There are so many ways to come out on top. Use our 6-step guide to maximise your marketing for chiropractic.

Bailey Petts
Bailey Petts

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If you're struggling to engage new patients, then your chiropractic marketing strategy might need a refresh.

Your chiropractic business needs to be consistently updating its marketing ideas to stay prominent in the minds of your existing patients (for that ever-important patient retention). And, you also need to attract new patients.

Your chiropractic marketing strategy needs to be diverse and relevant. Whether it's updating your chiropractic website, implementing Google Ads or enhancing your social media presence, you need to choose the right path for your business.

It's easy for your customers to think longingly about being snapped like a glow stick, but alignment might be seen as a luxury treatment, and only sought out in emergencies. That's why you need to highlight what your chiropractic services can do for potential patients all year round.

[back cracking]

Let's look at the top 6 effective chiropractic marketing strategies to supercharge your online presence.

1 Become an influencer (it's not as scary as it sounds!)

Everyone is an expert in their field in some way, and you need to promote this and use it to your advantage. This means promoting your business through the means of thought leadership. This could be anything from penning your thought leadership articles or providing comments to media outlets when needed.

You don't need a PR team to maximise your chances of landing in prominent chiropractic care media outlets. Journalists are always looking for comments - long and short - and there's a place where all these comments can be sourced: HARO.

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and you can sign up for relevant alerts when journalists are looking for sources related to your field. Once you provide a comment, you can share the media on your social media pages or the chiropractic website.

New patients will trust that you're an authority in the chiropractic world and will be more inclined to book an appointment.

But, don't stop there.

You can promote your chiropractic services through your social media platforms. It's become a worldwide phenomenon of watching people getting their bodies cracked online.

If you get consent from your clients, you can document their alignment journeys and make a compilation of your happy patients. You can create engaging posts that prospective patients will want to see. Especially if they're into those TikTok or YouTube videos of chiropractors.

Dr Cracks has a huge presence online, directing more and more prospective patients to his business everyday. He's even had Jason Derulo visit him; that's a double dose of influence right there.

Try this, and you'll have your chiropractic office swarming with new patients. It's one of the most effective chiropractic marketing ideas today.

2 Reviews

When it comes to marketing ideas for chiropractors, it's easy to forget about your reputation. But, making sure you know what others think about your clinic can improve your customer retention and your business model. That's why you need to focus on reviews (yes, they're a form of marketing!)

Testimonial videos and text reviews across your website, review sites and your preferred social media platform are one of the most authentic forms of chiropractic marketing you can use.

Online reviews can sell your chiropractic services for you. Existing patients will share their honest feedback for other people (new patients) to see.

Being proactive in asking for reviews can:

  • Encourage bookings (it's social proof that acts as a personal recommendation)
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Create trust with new patients

It can be time-consuming asking for reviews and monitoring reviews which is why using software can help you generate lots of customer testimonials with minimal effort. With Cloutly's 14-day free trial, you can send out personalised review requests (for video or text reviews) to your existing patients whilst building on those customer relationships.

Testimonial videos and text reviews from your happy clients can do wonders for your online reputation and revenue.

3 Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with existing patients as well as new patients. It's about creating a solid email marketing list and segmenting it.

All of your chiropractic marketing strategies need to be focused, and that's why segmenting your email list can balance your messaging.

Your target audience might be in different stages of their customer journey with you. For example, one segment might have had a recent appointment and you want to ask them to review you, or you want to promote a new chiropractor who they can book in with next time, or you might have a section of your target audience who hasn't booked an appointment in the past six months. For this group, you might want to reignite their interests by depicting the benefits of regular alignment sessions.

When it comes to email marketing, it's not just the messaging you need to consider. You also want to figure out how often you speak to your clients: new patients and existing patients.

Sending out a few emails a month can be effective as you can stay present in the minds of your existing patients. Even sending a birthday greeting can remind them that you care (even if it is automated).

If you create content for your email chiropractic marketing strategies, just make sure it's timely and engaging.

4 Google Ads

Chiropractor digital marketing is extremely effective as far as chiropractic marketing strategies go.

Investing in Google Ads can supercharge your online presence quickly, and there are cost-effective options to choose from. They're also flexible; you can pause or adjust your bids at any time.

Make sure to include the below in your Google Ads:

  • Compelling copy about your chiropractic practice
  • A call-to-action (key for Google Ads, you still need to tell the user what to do)
  • A link to your website

It's targeted advertising that can make all the difference to your online presence and guarantees you'll show up on a user's search results by investing in Google Ads.

5 Optimising your website

Many people forget about optimising their landing pages, and it can stop potential patients from giving your chiropractic practice a chance.

A bad user experience (UX) and an aesthetic that doesn't work on computers, tablets or smartphones can instantly steer new patients away from your services.

If you have an elegant and professional website, it will set the tone for your chiropractic practice. Make sure you include:

  • Professional photos of the team and practice (so your customers know what to expect)
  • Professional written content
  • A booking tool (to save a phone call)
  • A call-to-action (either to book an appointment, review your chiropractic services or check out your latest blog posts)
  • An outline of your chiropractic care and experience
  • Something that differentiates your chiropractic care from other practices

It's about being professional and also having an easy-to-navigate website (that looks good). Landing pages that look like they were made in the early 00s will fail to get those to stay interested.

6 Blog articles

Interesting articles on your website will help potential customers gauge your level of knowledge and expertise.

It's also a chance to explain some potential (back) pain points for customers and increase their knowledge about chiropractic care.

Writing a blog post twice a week can be optimum for attracting prospective patients and it can also help your search engine optimization. Google tends to reward websites that contain up-to-date business information with high-quality, engaging content such as blog posts.

Wrapping up

When it comes to chiropractic marketing strategies, it doesn't need to be difficult.

Find your niche and attract new patients through engaging and effective tools such as reviews, blog posts or Google Ads. Try all of our above tips if you can, and grow your practice overnight.

Potential patients will come to a trustworthy business which cares about its overall perception in the market which is why focusing on your review management can be the ultimate chiropractic marketing strategy.

Cloutly makes it so easy to streamline the review process and lets you reach out to your existing patients with human and personalised review requests. It's the ultimate way to prove to new patients that you know what you're doing.


Bailey Petts

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