Zillow review request (how it works and how to send them)

A Zillow review request might seem tricky to navigate at first, but once you read this guide, you’ll be a pro (and increase your credibility by miles!)

Bailey Petts
Bailey Petts

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Zillow review requests allow sellers and buyers to provide opinions on dealing with real estate agents in the form of testimonials.

Testimonials, whether favourable or unfavourable, assist potential customers such as home buyers to learn more about what a realtor is like and how good they are at their job. Candid critique can even outweigh an excellent recommendation in real estate.

Testimonials help to establish your brand image and increase your internet presence, both of which are crucial. As per the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Survey 2019, 52% of sellers stated that online feedback of a realtor is significant when choosing an agent who can help them sell their house.

How do I request a review on Zillow?

Zillow makes it easy for a real estate agent to request reviews. All you need to do is:

  • Select Agent Hub Profile from the drop-down menu
  • Select the Profile option
  • Select Review Requests

A form will then appear. You can either copy and paste the direct link to the form to your clients via text message or email with a more personalised message or you can use one general message with the link to the review form; you can then share the form with up to 50 clients per day via email.

If you email multiple clients your review form, it's more likely you'll get more reviews. Zillow Premier Agent also connects real estate agents with buyers so it's a good idea to sign up if you have a real estate business.

It’s up to you which method you want to use, but we would suggest that personalising your request will always be the most effective way. You can even call someone or ask them in person to complete the Zillow review form.

When is the right time to request reviews?

You can ask for a Zillow review at any moment, but there are a few natural occasions to do so during the property buying and selling process such as:

  • After a buyer or buyer consultation, when you've given them some useful information or advice
  • When it comes to assisting a Zillow rental prospect
  • Before parting ways with a customer after any property viewings or scheduled visits
  • After submitting a proposal
  • When an offer has been accepted
  • When you're handing clients the keys to their new house
  • At previous client functions

Bringing up the review process in person is a great way to ‘get it out the way’ so that when the client does receive the Zillow review request via text or email, they will know what to do.

How long does it take for my Zillow review to show up?

A new review requires 3-5 working days to moderate. If you haven't seen a review published yet, it will likely still be in moderation.

There are moderators that verify each review posted to Zillow to ensure that it follows their set criteria.  It will post a review if it follows Zillow's guidelines.

What if a Zillow review gets rejected?

After a client fills out the form on a Zillow review request, there is still a chance that the review can be returned to the client to re-submit with changes such as removing or adding information, to ensure it satisfies Zillow's review requirements.

Common blunders to avoid:

  • Make sure that only the lender in charge of the profile is specified.
  • Don't submit a review if you are a colleague or company partner.
  • Stay professional and focus on the facts of the deal.

To protect the integrity of the review system and eliminate potential fraud, Zillow runs every review submitted through moderators. Some agents attempt to present dummy reviews on their behalf and fake reviews that poke fun at competitors.

To get the most out of any review system, users must trust it to contain only authentic evaluations and to have protocols.

Below are some reasons why a Zillow review would be rejected:

Minimal detail

This is perhaps the most common cause for reviews being refused.

For a review to be considered ‘comprehensive’, there is no word count threshold. Zillow doesn't check for grammar and spelling.

They seek reviews that will benefit both the customer and the agent who is being rated. Describe why and how an agent was helpful, rather than simply stating that they were helpful.

Posted from a public computer and/or out of the country

Spammers are notorious for using publicly accessible computers to post several comments. It may also look suspicious if the review is placed from another country.

Zillow recommends that your clients write evaluations on their personal computers, far from your workplace.

Inappropriate language or false allegations

If there is any obscene or derogatory language in a review, it may appear fraudulent and Zillow will not allow it on their site.

Posted from an invalid email address

If your email address is invalid, it is likely you’re not an authentic reviewer. Zillow will not post your review if you cannot verify your email address.

If it was written by a realtor

A review will need to be authentic - if it was written by a real estate agent, then it may be considered fraudulent and not a true transaction.

How using Zillow reviews will get you more leads

Consumers will choose their Zillow prime agent depending on the number of reviews they have, therefore accumulating testimonials on Zillow can help you generate more leads.

Additionally, the more testimonials you receive, the better your Zillow portfolio is on search engines resulting in more Zillow direct requests.

When looking for the right real estate agent, home sellers and home buyers frequently go to the Zillow agent reviews sections and filter agents with more testimonials.

You can obtain free Zillow prospects if people contact you personally through your Zillow portfolio.

When visitors to Zillow's portal have concerns about a listing or want to schedule a viewing, Zillow Premier Agents are the first choice. The platform places Zillow Premier Agent advertisements next to properties available in prominent locations and elevates Zillow Premier Agents to the forefront of the agent database.

There is a high probability of acquiring new clients when an agent is listed at the top of Zillow's property listing and has stellar reviews. Online reviews are the easiest way to generate leads, distinguish yourself as a reputable real estate agent and gain credibility (even if requesting reviews can feel a bit daunting).

How to optimise your Zillow reviews

Having clients include a few of the following elements in their evaluations is a quick approach to optimise them for the search engine:

  • Names of the city, zip code, or area
  • The type of home seller or buyer that the real estate agent tends to work with such as first timers or large families
  • Types of homes such as townhouse, apartments or mansions

Reaching out to past clients who are extremely happy with your services for a review is a great way to generate leads.

Final thoughts

Setting up a Zillow profile is crucial in enhancing your visibility among potential property sellers and buyers. It's also vital to ask for a Zillow review request from clients you have worked with before for lead generation.

You want to stand out from the many other agents, and having great reviews on Zillow is an easy way to do this.

Asking for Zillow reviews shouldn't be challenging - Cloutly can help you manoeuvre through the obstacles. We even provide you with realtor review samples to make it easy for you to see what type of reviews you want to show off whilst managing all your review sites in one platform.

Want to become the top rated agent in your area? Try Cloutly free and start getting Zillow reviews today!


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