Airbnb review example (what you want your guests to say about you)

Of course we all want 5-star Airbnb reviews, but what should your reviews actually say? A flurry of bookings will come your way if you have reviews like these ones!

Bailey Petts
Bailey Petts

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If you're listing a property on Airbnb, you'll be aware of how important your reviews are for high calibre guests (also known as 'the clean ones'), repeat bookings and an ego stroke.

It's all very well listing your fabulous property online, but if no one has reviewed it - or worse - your reviews are pretty scathing, it's time to focus on your reputation management. An amazing Airbnb guest review can give you a great reason to increase your prices allowing you to make this a lucrative side or full-time hustle.

You want Airbnb guest reviews that sum up your property, show it in a great light, and point out the reasons why you're a great host (and why you should make Superhost one day). A great review can be subjective, but when you're up against a rating system of 1 to 5 stars, you better aim for all 5-star ratings.

Aim high, provide a great stay at your property and work on your reputation management for Airbnb succcess.

What is reputation management, and how do I do it for Airbnb?

Reputation management is when you focus on boosting your business's name through authentic, customer feedback. This means prioritising your review strategy and making sure your guests have an amazing time at your Airbnb property.

Man relaxing with a glass of wine in hand
You want your guests to be relaxed and comfortable - this will guarantee top reviews!

Your success is intrinsically linked to the Airbnb rating system; many potential guests will check out guest reviews before booking a stay at your property.

You could have one of the most amazing views in town, but if your guest reviews says that your house "is dirtier than a public toilet on the highway", they'll stay somewhere else.

One of the most effective ways to boost your Airbnb reputation is to use software that will streamline and humanise your review campaigns without you even thinking about it. It gives you more time to improve the guest experience and tidy up the rooms for a the next guest turnaround, whilst those 5-stars sparkle on your Airbnb listing.

With Cloutly you can send out humanised video or text review requests that stand out against the masses in your guests' inbox.

Screenshot of Cloutly's review campaigns feature

These requests can be more dynamic and authentic - if your guests have had an great time at your property then chances are they'll review you. They might just need a nudge or a reminder to actually get down to writing their Airbnb guest review.

Once you have your Airbnb guest reviews, it's important that you respond to them and showcase them on your own property website (if you have one). Don't forget that you can also leave Airbnb host reviews for your guests - it works the same way, if they have bad reviews, then Airbnb hosts can actually be warned before letting them stay at their property.

Let's check out other host reviews such as Superhosts on Airbnb for inspiration - what their Airbnb guests write about them is likely to be very charming, in the top end of the star ratings, and will likely encourage prospective guests to book in with them.

Examples of Airbnb guest reviews that will have you booked out for the year

Of course, what you want to hear your guests say about your property is that it was clean, it exceeded expectations, it's the best place they've ever stayed and it's their dream home. But you also want positive reviews about YOU, the Airbnb hosts, too.

When asking for an Airbnb guest review, you almost want to send these Airbnb guest review examples through to them as a hint (or inspiration). What you'll notice in these Airbnb guest review examples is not just the flattery, but the level of detail. It means that prospective guests will have all their questions answered from your Airbnb profile and your Airbnb reviews.

These reviews are detailed and, basically, sell your property for you. Let's read these 5-star Airbnb reviews (the ultimate Airbnb guest review examples).

This Airbnb guest review is great. It lets a potential guest know exactly what to expect. I want to know more about this view!

This is another great Airbnb guest review. It's varied too; the guest has provided some feedback to further improve the property, but it is all relatively subjective. Some people won't want to wear earplugs and actually listen to the rainforest!

"The best hosts we have ever experienced" - is there a better Airbnb guest review than this?

This Airbnb guest review is intriguing AND positive - we want to stay there to experience this property!

If these Airbnb guest review examples have inspired you to up your rental game, or become future hosts, then that's our job done.

You can learn a lot from a visitor's review on Airbnb (or many reviews) of what people are looking for. It's not just about providing a clean and tidy room. It's about providing an experience.

Airbnb reviews that might keep your guests in their own bed

Have a look at some of these less-than-pleasing reviews that might make your face contort and back away from the laptop.

Airbnb review
Perhaps Barb was just having a bad day? This review isn't terrible but it doesn't sell the place. It does sound like this property isn't well equipped for travellers so it might be one to miss. 
Airbnb review
Ouch - this is quite scathing but at least Vacasa Texas knows how to handle their review responses. Their response definitely helps to soften the blow and they've rectified some of the issues. 
Airbnb review
A man of few words. This isn't bad, but it doesn't do anything to sell the property - "good". Fine words butter no parsnips as Joe Lycett would say. 
Screenshot of Airbnb review
"Our experience was horrible." Yup. This is a property to miss. 

Sometimes angry guests leave guest reviews without having time to process their experience. This can leave you with negative reviews, but if you're prioritising your reputation management and providing an amazing stay at your property, then the positive reviews will outshine the negative reviews.

Airbnb hosts rely on positive reviews for credibility, trust and income - whether you own a vacation rental business or you're renting out a room in your home, you want to attract the perfect guest.

The perfect guest will only book with you if you have perfect reviews so make sure you employ tech like Cloutly to improve your review game and focus on getting 4 or 5-star reviews.


Bailey Petts

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