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Cloutly's integration offers gyms and fitness businesses a powerful way to collect reviews from ClubReady and rapidly build their online reputation. From pilates and yoga, to cycling and PT, Cloutly's review app for ClubReady keeps you on the pulse of the customer experience, equipping you with AI-powered tech to capture, measure and manage your reviews

Trusted by 1000+ businesses who rely on word-of-mouth to win new customers

BOY Barbershop went from 62 reviews in 12 months to 431 reviews in 8 monthsSwimart went from 64 reviews in 1 month to 442 in one monthDebtfix went from 1 review per month to 61 reviews in one month
Here's how it works with ClubReady
Personalized, automated review requests
Cloutly streamlines the review collection process by automatically sending review requests tailored to each client's journey, like after specific classes or membership milestones.
AI-powered tools and insights
Respond to your reviews with MagicResponse AI, analyze and extract themes and trends from your reviews to improve customer experiences, and keep track of your local competitors!
Manage 40+ review sites in one place
Cloutly is the all-in-one reputation dashboard to help you collect, measure and manage the customer experience.

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Get reviews virtually anywhere, and keep track of what people are saying across 40+ review sites
Respond to and engage with your customers, while keeping your finger on the pulse for negative feedback
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Become the first choice when people compare you

Outrank your competitors in search results
Get more customers calling, booking, shopping and buying
Build your reputation with compounding interest
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